Cooking for Water – A YouTube cooking channel with a difference!

Cooking for Water – 50% of YouTube advertising revenue donated to charity

What is Cooking for Water? – Cooking videos you will love to watch, with 50% of YouTube advertising revenue donated to help bring clean water to those in the world without access to this most basic human need.


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Cooking for Water | All types of cooking:

Food dishes from around the world including Chinese, Thai, Greek, French, Italian, English and just about everywhere else.

Heathy meals, comfort means, vegetarian means and vegan meals.  Tell us what you want and we will show you how to cook it.

Regular tips and tricks cooking videos. We aim to release one new video a day on YouTube.

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  One new video a day on YouTube

How you can help.

We will be officially launching our YouTube food channel on July 4th 2017, but in the meantime we have uploaded 20 or so videos.  Please check them out and use the comment section below the videos to give us your feedback. We need as many YouTube subscribers as quickly as possible, as this helps to promote our videos within YouTube . So if you like what we are doing please share this with your friends and colleagues.


Videos about OXFAM’s global clean water projects.





Helping to bring clean, safe drinking water to those without this most basic human need.