About Cooking for Water

Watch our YouTube cooking videos and we donate 50% of all revenues to clean water projects around the world

Run by David Murray and Yan Wu, two ordinary individuals, we aim to raise money to help bring clean, safe drinking water to those who still do not have access to this most basic human need.

Yan Wu - Cooking for Water  David Murray - Cooking for Water

The fact this is even necessary in the 21st century is a disgrace, but we are trying to play a little part in the process.  Please support us by watching our cooking videos on YouTube.  Watch our cooking videos on YouTube and 50% of all Google advertising revenues will be donated to NGOs involved in global clean water projects.

Yan Wu Perth  David Murray in Perth

If you own a restaurant in Perth and would like us to film there, please contact us.  Do you like cooking?  If so contact us and share your cooking with the world.




Helping to bring clean, safe drinking water to those without this most basic human need.